About the restaurant

Almost 10 years we can see a legendary place on the map of Saint Petersburg which started like Café People.

Famous for its noisy parties, great cuisine and special atmosphere, where each guest seems to be your friend for ages. But to stay modern and attractive and follow the trends we have to change constantly. That is why an absolutely new place was born – Café Berlin which combined desire for freedom and strong culinary experience, thanks to which our cottage cheese pancakes are the most wanted in town.


The interior of the restaurant is eclectic, as if the owner of the old house in Berlin was inspired by New York loft flats, Mexican colors, Amsterdam bars and mixed it all together in one place. At the same time all his guests feel comfortable either they come to have a breakfast with nice view, a lunch with friends, business meeting or a dinner with wine behind a high bar table.


Menu of Café Berlin – is a cosmopolitan cuisine with the most popular dishes from all around the world, each of which has been modified in accordance with modern trends and chef’s own vision. There is a breakfast with delicious famous cottage cheese pancakes, lunches, twists on favorite street food and special sets for long conversations with a bottle of wine or a pot of hot tea.

Restaurant menu
Bar menu

Hookah, tea

Morning oolong, energy charging, white tea for gourmands, green Russian tea, Puer – everybody can find a one from our big Tea list. For the big companies we made special tea sets with a range of desserts.

Our hookah list is a proven classic, always in quality performance. All hookahs are used without tobacco, while preserving their rich taste without nicotine and smoke.


Every Saturday we have traditional Café People parties with our DJ’s. During the summer we have a break.

Sightseeing along channels of the city

Cafe Berlin is situated in the heart of St.-Petersburg, just few steps away from Savior on Blood. After breakfast or lunch you can go to Russian museum, Hermitage or excursion along cannels of the city.


Italian st. 2
Saint Petersburg

Phone: (812) 942-32-23

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